Rapidly Build HMI Solutions with Edge Panel

Transform Any Panel PC Into an HMI

With Ignition Edge Panel software, you can add HMI functionality to any panel PC. Whether you’re shopping for a brand-new industrial panel or have an old device that you want to put back into use, Edge Panel allows you to rapidly develop beautiful HMIs to display real-time data, control your processes, and more.

What is Ignition Edge Panel?

Edge Panel is a standalone software product created by Inductive Automation, the makers of the industrial application platform, Ignition. Assembled from your choice of one of Ignition’s visualization modules and a fully integrated development environment, Edge Panel allows you to easily build local HMIs for field devices and industrial HMIs.

Edge Panel Features

  • Unlimited tags & devices
  • Run scripts at the edge
  • Works seamlessly with Ignition
  • See real-time machine status
  • Synchronize data to a central server
  • Local-client fallback
  • Control your processes
  • Publish MQTT data
  • Runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, and more
  • One-way alarm notification
  • OPC UA connectivity 
  • Installs on virtually any industrial device

No Shortage of Software

Recent supply chain shortages have made it increasingly difficult to get traditional HMI hardware units when you need them. Because Ignition Edge Panel is software that’s compatible with virtually any industrial panel PC, you have the freedom to shop around from a myriad of vendors for a panel that’s more readily available, and then add an Edge Panel license to quickly develop it into a fully functioning HMI. 

Flexible & Affordable

Not only do most HMI hardware units on the market have a growing lead time, they have a growing price tag as well. Ignition Edge Panel offers HMI functionality at an affordable price and doesn’t lock you into one specific panel device. You can even upgrade your panel PC or swap out a failed unit at any time and transfer your Edge Panel license to the new device — it’s that easy.

Contact Us to Get Started

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