End-of-the-YearPerspective Special

Save up to $3000 on Ignition Perspective Unlimited!

Buy Perspective Unlimited Before Dec. 29 and Save Up to $3000

Are you using Vision and wishing you could use Perspective's incredible features? Incorporating the Perspective Module into your current Vision install will significantly enhance your Ignition system's capabilities.

We’re providing a limited-time opportunity to add Perspective onto your Vision Unlimited or Limited installation. Purchase the Perspective Unlimited Module between now and Dec. 29, 2023 to enjoy up to $3,000 off the regular price. (If you have a version of Vision that isn't unlimited, call us and we will quote a prorated discount.)

Product Details

Through Perspective, you can maintain the classic visual features of Vision and develop mobile, desktop, or plant-floor applications with HTML5 and CSS3. Furthermore, you can launch clients that function seamlessly on any screen. This multifaceted module includes tools such as Perspective Google Map Component, Perspective Power Chart, Perspective Pipes, and many more.

Ignition Perspective Module

With the Ignition Perspective Module, you can easily build mobile-responsive, pure-web industrial applications using HTML5 and instantly deploy an unlimited number of mobile clients through a web browser, the Ignition Perspective Mobile App, or run them natively on your device.

Perspective Module Deployment Options

Every Perspective client now comes standard with the ability to deploy in three different ways: to mobile devices, browsers, and workstations. No matter how you want to use Perspective, it has a deployment option that will work for your needs.

Perspective Mobile

Instantly deploy native Perspective clients to any mobile device through the Ignition Perspective Mobile App.

Perspective Browser

Deploy any Perspective client natively on any major web browser including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more.

Perspective Workstation

Design Perspective HMI and dashboard screens that you can instantly deploy as native applications to any HMI, desktop, workstation, and multi-monitor configuration without the need for a third-party web browser.

This special offer permanently goes away at the end of the year; quotes with this promotional pricing will no longer be valid after December 29, 2023, so don’t wait to buy! This offer applies to new orders only and is not retroactive.

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