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Supporting integrators and organizations with industrial automation solutions since 2003, Inductive Automation was facilitating Digital Transformation before it was cool. That experience means our flagship product, Ignition, is a fully developed and battle-tested tool. It also comes with unlimited tags and clients for one flat price, so companies can transform their processes however they want. That’s why thousands of companies representing nearly every industry trust Ignition in their Digital Transformation journey.

The Practical Platform for Problem Solvers

More than just replacing clipboards with dashboards, true Digital Transformation goes beyond technology and equipment. It’s about connecting people, processes, and programs. Ignition is a platform that uses data to bridge all three. It’s a simple solution for organizations wanting to transform their technological processes, and a practical platform for integrators and service providers looking to deliver results.


One Tool — Endless Capabilities

Touch Panels

Connect to any touch panel screen


Connect to virtually any device, such as barcode scanners, scales, sensors, etc.

Cloud Services

Easily connect to cloud services from AWS, Azure and more


Connect to any number of databases

MES & ERP Systems

Communicate with other enterprise systems


Use any PC regardless of operating system

Web Services

Connect to any web service including REST and SOAP

Mobile Devices

Access data via wireless smartphones and tablets


Connect intelligent devices to infrastructure


Connect to any PLC through OPC

OPC UA, OPC DA, OPC Tunneller

Access historical data
from databases, devices,
and applications

So why is Ignition by Inductive Automation® the right fit? It’s an all-in-one data aggregation and asset management tool that serves as a central hub. Like integrators coordinate and consolidate software with hardware and networks, Ignition does the same for data — it collects and connects.

Unlimited Functionality

Instead of logging in to separate software for each task or function, Ignition users enjoy a single platform with one login to do everything. Generate reporting and set up alarms or notifications, or operate plant floor machines from a cell phone dashboard — all without licensing restrictions.

Rapid Development & Deployment

From its web-based nature to its built-in Designer, Ignition enables users to easily develop custom apps and solutions for unique functions and quickly deploy them in cloud or hybrid environments.

Compatible, Scalable & Affordable

Don’t fret over compatibility: Ignition runs universally on any device with any OS or on any IT structure. And, its unlimited licensing model and scalable format make collecting data and connecting people far easier and more affordable than you might think.

Dynamic Data Visualization

Create dashboards, charts, and animations that deliver decisive data to anybody on any device. A capable communications tool for wired desktop computers or web-based mobile apps, Ignition makes research, data analysis, and monitoring performance fast and easy.

“Ignition is a building block of Digital Transformation. In the OT sector, it can help a company take a huge leap forward. Its power will change lives!”

– Hugh Roddy, Chobani


Ideal for SCADA systems and fluent in HMI and MQTT protocols, Ignition is a natural-born data aggregator and master of metrics. The data analytics and insights gained from gathering live and historical OT data and converting it to IT data that connects to apps and dashboards that control workflows is a one-two punch that boosts efficiency.

Gather and share data over any network

Control machines and automate processes

Generate reports, alarms, and notifications

Develop custom applications without coding


Ignition is a single platform that brings order to the chaos of integrating multiple technologies. Establishing an intricate IIoT with which to gather, report, and share data is quick and easy using the Cirrus Link Solutions MQTT modules in Ignition. Communication improves as the silos between departments and teams are broken.

 Connect devices and collect data in seconds

Establish a single source of truth & data standardization

Rapidly deploy clients
and applications

Monitor and manage assets at any time from anywhere

“Data drives Digital Transformation. Ignition provides the predictive data and analytics, and the preventative maintenance that we need to monitor gas levels. It’s not rocket science, use the data!”

– Peter Photos, Streamline Innovations

Support & Training

Integrators and technology professionals are a pretty smart bunch, but everyone needs a hand once in a while. No worries, we’ve got your back with all-star support when you have questions and an online university and training program to gain mastery over the capabilities.

Benefits of Ignition as a Digital Transformation Solution

Ignition is built adaptable enough to be as unique as the people using it, and flexible enough to shift focus as easily as people change their minds. It has the power to bridge the OT-IT gap and address most Industry 4.0 requirements toward helping organizations be more agile, efficient, and productive.

Ignition Benefits

It’s unlimited. Connect as many devices, tags and users a server can handle. No extra fee!

It’s a platform. Build modules, connect devices, view data all from one place.

It’s modular & scalable. Build something as simple — or as large — as you need.

It’s intelligent. Real-time data drives predictive analytics and preventive maintenance.

It’s well-connected. Share data and control systems at a single site or across an enterprise.

It’s well-tested & supported. Backed by experience, helpful support and online training.

Let Ignition Spark Your Digital Transformation!

Digital Transformation doesn't have to be hard. Ignition is simple to use and tackles multiple tasks as a single solution. 

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