Ignition Certification Update

In-Course Certification

The primary goal of the Ignition Certification levels has always been to provide a way for us at Inductive Automation to verify that a person has a certain level of Ignition knowledge. To better meet this goal, we have decided that offering Certification through our training courses will ensure a more consistent level of knowledge across all certified individuals. Our classes are designed to be the best way to learn the functionality and best practices in Ignition, and as such are the perfect compliment to our Certification levels. By focusing on the classroom environment, we can not only ensure a consistent base of Ignition knowledge but also provide more learning opportunities outside of the original scope of the Certification Tests. Granting Certification through training classes instead of tests will ultimately increase the knowledge of every certified Ignition user.
Starting on Nov. 14th, 2022, IA will be granting new Core and Gold Certification levels through attending our Core and Advanced Ignition classes. If you already hold a current Certification level, there is no action required to stay certified.

Becoming Certified with In-Course Certification

Starting on Nov. 14th, 2022, Core and Gold Certification levels will be available to be earned in 5-day Ignition Courses. To obtain a Core or Gold Certification level, you only need to attend the appropriate course and complete the assigned labwork. Labwork will consist of a series of prompts each day that follow the class material. Each day’s labwork will be reviewed the following morning before instruction starts.
The Core Certification level can be earned in the 5-day Ignition Core course. The Gold Certification level can be earned in any one of the 5-day Ignition Advanced courses. Currently, Inductive Automation offers two Advanced courses: one focused on using Databases & Scripting in Ignition, and one focused on the Ignition Perspective Module. Classes are available virtually (online) in 2022, and will be offered both virtually and in-person in Folsom, CA in 2023.
The first step in becoming Core or Gold certified will no longer be tied to the Inductive University Credential; the Core class will now be your first step in becoming certified. The Inductive University videos, Challenges, and its Credential Certification level will continue to exist in their current form. These videos and challenges continue to be a great resource to get started with Ignition.

What if I Can’t Attend a Class by Inductive Automation?

If you can’t attend one of our classes (possibly due to a language or time zone restriction), our distributors around the world will be able to certify you as well! Look for announcements from your local distributor for more information on when they will start classes that can grant Core and Gold Certification levels. In addition, you can still obtain an Inductive University Credential online at any time. 

Staying Currently Certified with In-Course Certification

Once you complete an in-course Certification, your Certification level will be valid for 3 years from that date. For those that later obtain a Gold Certification level, your 3-year Certification Window will restart from the date the Gold Certification was earned.
When your Certification Window is near expiration, you can join a special Certification Update class that covers new features and functionality of Ignition. Certification Update classes will exist for each Certification level and completing one will restart your Certification Window. We will have an announcement in the future with details about the Core and Gold Certification Update classes.

What if I Am Already Certified?

Any current Certification level you have will not change. If you are currently Core or Gold 8.1 certified, you will continue to be certified at that level with no action required. Your Certification Window will start when we begin in-course Certification on Nov. 14th, 2022.

Can I Still Take a Certification Test?

Yes! You can either earn certification in class, or take the certification tests. Completion of the Inductive University Credential is still required to start a Core certification test.

How Do I Become 8.1 Certified Using the Tests?

If you are not yet 8.1 certified and want to do so using the Certification Tests, then your path will be based on your current level of Certification and you will fall into one of the categories below. Please note, if you have completed an 8.0 Certification Test in the past then you are automatically 8.1 certified at the same level. You can check your Certification level and test status in your account portal on our website.

8.1 Gold Certified
You have completed a Gold Ignition 8.1 Certification Test. This is the highest and most up-to-date Certification available. There is no action required from you. Your Certification Window will start on Nov. 14th, 2022.

8.1 Core CertificationYou have completed a Core Ignition 8.1 Certification Test. This is the most up-to-date Core Certification available. To stay Core certified, there is no action required from you. Your Certification Window will start on Nov. 14th, 2022.

7.9 and Prior CertificationYou have completed a test for Ignition version 7.9 or earlier. If you would like to become 8.1 certified through testing instead of coming to a class, you can. Please note that it will take several weeks for each test submission to be graded. See the Certification Changes Timeline below for all relevant dates. Once an 8.1 Certification Test is completed, no further action is required and your Certification Window will start on the date you passed. 
You can bring your current Certification level to 8.1 through tests in one of two ways: by completing all required upgrade tests, or by skipping ahead to the Full 8.1 Core test. See the Certification Test Roadmap below to find your path to become 8.1 Certified.

Certification Test Roadmap

If your most recent Certification Test was for Ignition version 7.7, 7.8, or 7.9, this roadmap outlines which tests are needed to become 8.1 certified. You can either complete all Upgrade tests on your path, or start from the Full 8.1 test.

This map shows all possible paths to become certified in the current version of Ignition using certification tests.

(Click the roadmap to view it larger in your browser)

Still Have Questions?

Visit the Certification Changes FAQ page to help answer any additional questions.